The aim of the Tintern Community Speed Watch is to reduce the speed of vehicles using our village. Not only for the safety of our own friends and neighbours and their children but also the visitors who come to see the great place where we live.

We have the full support of GoSafe, the Welsh road casualty reduction agency and, of course, Gwent Police (those of us who know the communication system used by the latter will know the significance of their owl in the photo).

Tintern is now an enforcement site so look out for the van and motorbike from time to time as well as our sessions.



We need more members to ensure that our sessions run regularly.

The more members we have the fewer sessions each of us is asked to attend.

  • No fixed commitment - you decide when you wish to take part
  • Training given at the roadside - simple to use laser equipment
  • Backed by GoSafe and Gwent Police
  • Community spirit in a friendly team - your fellow villagers

I think you may have recorded me speeding. What happens now?

If the camera van has recorded your vehicle then you will be dealt with by the Police. If you have been recorded by us then read on

First of all, you will not be fined nor have points on your licence.

The keeper of the vehicle will receive a letter explaining our community's disappointment with a reminder of your responsibility to keep to the speed limit.

We hope that you will appreciate our aims and help us by slowing down through our village.


About us

The Tintern Community Speed Watch was formed at the end of March 2015 and undertook its first session on 3rd April 2015 (Good Friday).

We are a group of residents from the village, some retired and others working, fitting in their sessions for the group when we can. We all share the aim of reducing the speed of traffic through Tintern by educating drivers.

Tintern is a village with a main road running its length. This road is narrow and has no footpath in places meaning that mothers with children and elderly people have to walk in the road or cross often. The community has become alarmed by the dangers of the drivers of vehicles of all kinds, not just cars but coaches, buses and heavy goods vehicles, paying little or no heed to the speed limit.

The speed limit throughout the village is 30 miles per hour

a speed which still has the capacity to seriously injure or kill a child but speeds of nearly 60 miles per hour have been recorded.

What we do

Members of our community have agreed to join the Community Speed Watch scheme and gather at agreed times to monitor the speeds of vehicles being driven through our village.

While one member uses the laser speed gun others record the time and:

  • the speed
  • the registration
  • the make
  • the model
  • the colour

of any vehicle exceeding the speed limit plus a small margin.

These records are then collated by the local coordinator, one of the volunteers, and passed through to the Police for processing. The vehicle details are matched with the DVLA database and a letter is sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. The letter is a reasonably friendly request from the community for the driver to curtail his speed when driving through the village.

No other action is taken unless the vehicle is recorded again by any of the Speed Watch groups in which case a stronger letter is issued, the third time resulting in more attention from the Police.

No one is fined or receives points on their licence as a result of our monitoring sessions

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The Tintern Community Speed Watch is seeking new members to boost our numbers at sessions and to further our aim of making our village safer.

Anyone over 18 years of age and resident in Tintern is eligible to join us and needs to give us at least two hours of their time, in one session each month, to be effective. Of course, if you can give more than this, so much the better. The more of us there are the less time each has to give. Applications are treated in the strictest confidence and will be subject to a simple Police vetting procedure. In summary:

  • training on the use of the equipment is provided
  • you can choose the date and time of sessions
  • you will be supported by a local coordinator, Gwent Police and GoSafe the Welsh road casualty reduction agency
  • you will be performing a very valuable community service

If you are interested in joining us (and we hope that you are) please use the form on the right of this page to send an email to the local coordinator who will contact you and arrange the necessary forms and procedure.

We look forward to meeting you as a fellow member

If you would like to contact us about something other than volunteering
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We welcome contact from any of our fellow residents and are pleased to discuss any aspect of our work.

If you have a question or two about how we operate and, indeed, why, please feel free to get in touch with your local coordinator via the form on the right.

If you would like to find out more about joining us
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We are not able to confirm or deny that your vehicle has been recorded during our sessions so please don't ask.

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