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I am Steve Evans and I make books.

For many years I have been a re-enactor of the 15th Century starting out as a mail maker and gradually taking up the longbow as a liveried archer. As appearing on the battle field and standing guard at various castles started to tell on my increasing age I fell back on a skill which, happily, I have had since learning to write, calligraphy.

Examples of medieval hands and illumination
Example of medieval hands and illumination

I studied the hands of the period and practiced using the materials for illumination and making ink using oak galls and learned how to cut goose quills. I ended up with a collection of props for my appearances at Tintern Abbey and as part of a number of groups. But I was missing books.

Seeking knowledge

There were books on the market but not the leather bound, corded books of the period so, I called a book binder in Birmingham and was invited to spend a day with him. He was very happy to share his knowledge (as far as he could in a day) and even gave me a sewing frame as I left.

From there I have learned more and can share some of the things I have learned with you.

I do sell my books

I sell my books and can send them anywhere in the UK so, if you would like to ask any questions or find out more please carry on using this site and get in touch.


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