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My books

All of my books are made completely by hand using the best materials. The paper is very high quality 120gsm natural parchment paper, the boards are wood or quality book board and the leather is soft and tactile goat.

Custom books

Let me know your requirements and I'll make a book to your specification. The size (up to A4), the number of pages, the leather colour, whether there is a matching leather bookmark attached, even the number of cords in the binding.

Your books can be embossed with a design of your choosing (if possible) or blind tooled.

In some cases I can bind pages written or printed by you and can, if required, illuminate and write pages for binding. The latter is, of course, a long process and will take time and incur costs over and above the binding.

Sometimes a request is impossible to achieve and I cannot accept such requests so, if the book is intended as a gift, please do not make any promises which I cannot keep.

Off the shelf

I do make books which have not been ordered and these can be supplied from stock and despatched within a day.

Some examples
embossed with lion rampant
Leather A5 book embossed with a lion rampant
tudor pattern of lines and tudor roses
A6 book blind tooled with lines and tudor roses
Plain brown leather
Plain brown leather covered book
book embossed with a single initial
Leather covered with a single initial embossed
"The book arrived this morning. It looks amazing and opens up nice and flat! I'm really impressed with the quality of it."

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